Flawless Skin is in fashion

Flawless Skin is in fashion
May 1, 2009 Penny Sadler

Many of you know that I was treated for a basal cell carcinoma in February this year. If you didn’t know you can check out the news segment under the “reel” tab on my website. Then look under ” in front of the camera.” The segment, titled, Skin Cancer Takes Friends was really important to me. My experience taught me a lot and the main thing was this, most people have no idea what the signs of skin cancer are or an understanding of the cause or prevention. I talked about my experience in an effort to raise awareness and understanding.

I’ve also had the opportunity to try many new products that contain SPF, sun protection factors. I learned a lot about the ingredients in these products and how they work. Most sunscreens now contain a chemical block like oxybenzone and octocrylene. These work by absorbing the suns damaging rays. Avobenzone is a new ingredient that is very popular. However, it breaks down when exposed to sunlight so you must constantly reapply.
Then there are mineral blocks like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These actually block the suns rays, in other words, they do not allow the sun to penetrate the skin at all. They do not break down in sunlight. Zinc has gotten a bad rap because it’s white and everyone thinks, ” lifeguard.” But newer formulations are micronized and blend much better on the skin so you don’t have that white face look.
A combination of the chemical and the block to me seems the best way to go.
Natures Gate and Origins both make products that fit this category.

La Roche-Posay has come out with a new product which contains anthelios. I tried this product when I was in Rome where the sun is brutal in the summer, much like Texas.
This product is far superior to anything I’ve tried so far when it comes to blocking the sun and it stays put, even when sweating and wearing hats. My scar is on my forehead so it was challenging to keep my head covered 100% of the time. With this sunscreen I was able to protect my skin and keep my scar from hyperpigmenting.
In the USA the strongest you can get is 40. Many dermatologists are now carrying it and you can also purchase it on line. In Dallas, you can get it thru Park Cities Dermatology.


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