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November 10, 2016 Penny Sadler

television personalities after makeup application

How much makeup is enough?

Camera-ready with KERA

Annie Galloway, Major Gifts Manager at KERA, graciously allowed me to document the process of getting her camera-ready for live Pledge tapes. I’m sharing the products and steps and hope you’ll find something useful here. Leave a comment if you like it and subscribe.

Note that these days most people wear a lot more makeup on television. This look is not what most people expect for television. It’s a very minimalist look because it’s the look the client wants. It’s not a makeover, it’s a make better. Camera ready. Not everyone needs to look like KK.


Before applying television makeup


Every makeup begins with basic skincare. For television makeup I use something simple and hypoallergenic like Cerve followed by a light under-eye moisturizer. Cerve is also ok under the eyes. But if you need a bit of depuffing Clinique eye gel works well, too.

After I completed the eye makeup I did the foundation, concealer, contour, and cheek color. The next thing I did was clean up underneath the eye, applying concealer liner and mascara if I used it there. I don’t always.

As I’m working through these steps I’m always assessing if the overall look is balanced. And I used powder to set the various layers of makeup. For Annie’s makeup, I used a powder foundation, not a liquid so I didn’t need to add more powder. However, I did use a blending brush to well, blend, so that it didn’t look like a lot of powder sitting on top of her skin. Since Annie’s skin tends to be oily, this worked well, and didn’t need to do a lot of touchups throughout the day.


Camera ready television makeup

Notice how the overhead light is throwing slight shadows under her eyes but in the final image when she’s on camera you don’t see that.


The last thing I did was the lip color. Since Annie likes a more natural look I usually don’t use a pencil to line the lips, I used my lip brush dipped into the lip color to line the lips as I color them. Lip color generally needs a lot of touchup when applied like this but I felt it was a good choice for Annie.



Thanks to everyone at KERA for the great shoot.

destination wedding hair

Destination Wedding in Florida

Wedding Hair


These are behind the scenes photographs taken with my iPhone 5S at the Sawgrass Marriott Resort in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Working with a photographer and video crew we staged a wedding at the hotel to create new portfolio images.

sawgrass marriott, Florida

The Sawgrass Marriott, located in Ponte Vedra Beach, is a lovely choice for a destination wedding. The trees dripping with Spanish moss created a romantic backdrop and filter for the early morning light.

sawgrass marriott florida

In spite of the humidity I was able to create a romantic hairstyle that held up through a two hour photo shoot.

destination wedding in florida

Need a hair and makeup artist for your destination wedding and photographs? I’m available to travel. Email me for details.

Camera Ready Makeup

Camera Ready is a term that I believe most people truly do not understand. Does it mean full on makeup? Airbrushed? Remove the shine? What is camera ready? I like this illustration because it’s clean and simple, but dramatic. The eyes are minimally defined with mascara and shadow. The complexion is perfected and under eye redness is covered. The cheeks are defined with just a hint of blush and contour. The lips get a real pop of color, but that’s simply personal choice. You can define the lips with any color you like. This looks simple, and it is, if you know what colors to use and how to apply them. And as I always say, perfecting the skin is key. If you’re in the Dallas area and would like to book a consultation send me an email. We can also arrange a group session with friends or even corporate sessions. And if it’s not possible to meet somewhere in person there’s always Skype. Thanks to photographer Ben Britt and model Stephanie Fisher. For more before and after looks read A Simple Beauty Makeover.

Before Hair & Makeup

Pirates of the Caribbean?

Working With Celebrities

I’m often asked what it’s like to work with celebrities. When it’s Wendy Davis it’s easy, because she’s so naturally attractive, and looks great on camera.

Yes, it’s hard work: early mornings, long hours, multiple locations, and yes, a lot of cooks in the kitchen on a campaign like this. However, when the end result turns out as well as this did, I feel like my hard work was worth it.

Thanks to a great crew and great editing it’s better than I could have even imagined. However, this is video, not a still image, so hair and makeup are not photoshopped.

Need a professional to help you make your image stand out?

Shine – Off: Expert Tips for Matte Summer Skin

Staying shine-free when the temperatures are high is one of summer’s greatest beauty challenges.
As a professional makeup artist, I know how hard it can be. Depending on where you live, you may need to control excess oil production, perspiration, or both. So if you’re looking for ways rid yourself of unsightly shine this summer, check out some of my pro tips and favorite products. You’ll be glad you did when that mercury starts rising!

Continue reading

Skin Care Tips for Mature Skin

You don’t have to be a mom or even “mature,” to experience troublesome changes in your skin.

Whether it’s due to stress, diet, pregnancy, climate, or age, occasionally we need to  adjust our skin care routine. With Mother’s Day around the corner, Beauty Press asked me for some tips for moms and mature skin.

What are some makeup application tips for mature/aging skin? 

Women tend to have more delicate and sensitive skin. Additionally as we age, skin is affected by fluctuating hormone levels.
Generally it becomes more dry, thin, and has less elasticity allowing fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin to develop.

Makeup is still important, maybe even more important than ever, but a less is more approach is needed. Use a foundation that gives a light coverage, and concealer only where needed – instead of trying to achieve maximum coverage with one product that covers everything. If your skin is a little on the dry side, avoid too much powder as it can make the skin look even more dry.

What are some skin care routine tips for mature/aging skin? 

Hopefully you already have a good skin care routine in place and as your skin matures you just adjust it as needed. The basics, cleanse, tone, and moisturize, never change. The products you use may change however, and you may add serums or anti-aging treatments to your regime. Also, if you’ve always used soap and water or a foaming or gel cleanser you may find that a lotion or even an oil will work much better for you now as natural oil production will decrease with declining hormones. 

Some women experience what they call a second adolescence. Try spot treating the breakouts instead of trying the entire face as if it’s one giant pimple. You’ll just end up dehydrating the skin and upsetting the acid balance which protects it.
Remember, you’re skin is the largest of the body. Treat it with care and it will take care of you.

Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

For the press release and high res images contact Beauty Press.

Dark Circle Drama – The Beauty Bitch

Covering dark under eye circles has been and remains one of the top beauty questions I am asked.
Editor Susan Linney tackled the question for Meets Obsession, an online magazine for the beauty and culture obsessed.

If you have a drawer full of concealers that don’t get the job done, then read on. Linney interviewed two of the top makeup artists in the biz, Yours Truly and Kevin James Bennet, to get the 411 on disappearing the luggage under your eyes, forever. Please notice we both said essentially the same thing!

Want to know what we said? Read it here.

A Simple Beauty Makeover

This was a really fun and easy photo/makeover. A photographer (friend) asked me to help him with a class project. The goal was to show extreme contrast in one subject. He asked me to create a a simple hair and makeup style, and then to pump up the pretty factor, and he would adjust his lighting.

To create the “after” look, I simply added more eyeliner, false eyelashes, and lip gloss. For her hair, which is long and straight, I changed the part to an extreme side part, then swept it across her forehead and pinned the hair up in the back. Simple, glamorous and easy.

What do you think?

The Business of Beauty

It’s not every day I get to work with beautiful models and top editorial hairdressers.  Believe it or not, most of the time, putting makeup on people for camera means making it look like they don’t have on much makeup at all. Putting makeup on these lovelies was just the creative change I needed.

I was excited and happy to be asked to work once again, with Beth Minardi, an icon in the haircolor industry, and her team of top notch hair stylists. The event was a presentation of Mindari haircolor, sort of a mini runway show.

I asked them what sort of look they wanted, and the only direction I was given was “pretty makeup with emphasis on the eyes.” And that’s exactly what I gave them. This is why I became a makeup artist to begin with. Great team, beautiful models. And who do you think the blonde looks like?

Rob Lowe!

Sometimes my job is ultra fun. To answer all of your questions, yes, Rob was nice and a pleasure to work with. Yes, he really looks that good. No, he hasn’t done anything to his face. Yes, he needs a little makeup. Yes, he’s married and has a lovely wife. If you have a question I have not answered here send me an email. I work with a lot of celebrities and other high profile people on events, television shows and broadcasts. I also work with real people. Please do contact me for your event, broadcast, film, commercial or photo shoot. penny (at) pennysadler (dot) com

Traveling with One Carry-On

I”m often asked how many bags I take with me when I go to Italy for two or three weeks. My answer, one carry-on and one personal bag. This seems to be a challenge for most women. When I tell them I only take two pair of shoes they go into defense mode. More shoes is more, right?

Summer fabrics make packing light easy as they take up less space in your luggage. The key is choosing colors and patterns that can be layered and matched with every other piece.

Here’s an example: If your accent color is a strong, vibrant, turquoise blue, but you have a favorite jacket that is a pastel pink, well that’s not really going to work, is it? What do you wear the pink jacket with?
White pants you say. Yes, but the idea is that each piece can be interchanged.
Conclusion: you must leave the pink jacket at home, or change your accent color.

To illustrate this concept I got together with professional model and friend, Rhonda Sargent Chambers. Rhonda supplied her classic travel wardrobe, which she tells me she wears year-after-year, and I supplied the makeup, photographs, and a bottle of prosecco.

Head over to my travel blog Adventures of a Carry-On  to see more photos and read the rest of the story.

Here are a few more photos from the shoot, Summer Travel Style.

How To Wear Makeup in the Summer and 4th of July Tips

The key to summer makeup – less is more. Think, tinted moisturizers with an SPF. A little bronzer. Self tanners for the face and body. Powder is your friend, as it helps absorb shine from excess oil and perspiration. Powder-free blotting papers are perfect for removing excess shine and oil without looking caked on.  Sheer lip tints look just right, and are a better choice for summer than more opaque formulas. This story from Beauty Press is spot on with tips and techniques for summer makeup. I especially like the blue liner. For something more subtle, you can apply, then smudge with a liner smudging brush. Or apply liner on the top lid only. Happy 4th!

This and That

Since my last post, things have continued to move full speed ahead. I find that the type of work I do seems to go in cycles. Sometimes I work on commercials and sometimes it’s more television news and satellite broadcasts. Recently, I’ve worked on shows for the Food Channel, HGTV and the Speed Channel.

HeidiWorking outside in Texas is challenging, especially in the spring and summer. Either it’s too hot, too humid or too windy. The past couple of shows, I worked with female hosts, and we were constantly battling the heat, humidity and winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour. Keeping the hair from blowing is simply impossible. I’ve posted a couple of photos from these shoots, taken in a more controlled environment.

The key to long wearing makeup even in the Texas elements, apply it properly in the beginning! Prep the skin with sunscreen and moisturizer if needed. Apply a silicon based primer to help the makeup go on more smoothly and give it staying power. I also use a liquid or gel eyeliner because it’s more water proof than pencil and doesn’t smear. Finish with powder. As the day goes by,  I usually only have to touch up under the eyes and the lips.

I also had the opportunity to teach for Last Looks Makeup Academy.  I taught three classes: bridal makeup, eye makeup only, and airbrush makeup. The classes were small, so the students got lots of one-on-one attention and extra tips and tricks I use on set.  Everyone had a great time and learned a lot. If you are interested in classes in Dallas, let me know or contact Heather at Last Looks Academy in Los Angeles. If there’s enough demand she’ll bring the school to Dallas.


A Little More About Me

It’s been busy lately. Lots of production work and a trip to California thrown in. Then makeup artist Jennifer Kinford asked if she could interview me for her website A Beauty Loft.
It occurred to me that the interview would be of interest to those of you who would just like to know a little more about me. And it’s full of tips on products and skincare.
I also wanted to thank Jennifer and suggest you have a look at A Beauty Loft where you can find the latest celeb hair and makeup tips and product reviews. Feel free to send me your beauty questions, share your thoughts or just say hello. Read the interview.

Taste of Dallas with Chef Sara Moulton


Here I am with Chef Sara Moulton at Taste of Dallas. Sara was promoting Mission Foods and did a tasty demo using, what else? Mission tortillas. Sara was really nice to work with and very easy going. Over breakfast she recounted some interesting bits about her career and working with the infamous Julia Childs.
It’s not often I have the opportunity to sit down and have an unhurried meal with “the star.” And can I say eating with a celebrity chef was a bit intimidating. When the food arrived I instantly wished I’d just ordered the same thing Sara did. I don’t remember what we ordered, I just remember her food looked so much more interesting than mine.
Sara is the author of several best selling cookbooks. Most recently her book Sara Moulton’s Every Day Family Dinners received best cookbook of the year award by the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Read more about her appearance at Taste of Dallas 2010 here.

Passion For Travel

The Pantheon, Rome
I have happily married my love of makeup and beauty with a passion for travel in my first published travel story. is a treasure trove of information for all things travel related; well organized and well written. I’m very proud to be the new, travel/style editor.  Read the story here.

Yes Anderson Cooper!

Anderson Cooper was in Dallas in November. Don’t ask me why. The important part is I got to meet and work with him as he broadcast 360 Anderson Cooper via satellite from Dallas.  Friendly but, not as talkative as one would expect. However, he is just as good looking in person as he is on camera. So does he need makeup? Definitely. Everyone needs makeup for television. Even Anderson Cooper. If only I could have had 5 more minutes with him in the makeup chair. That’s the way it always is, even with high profile people. Thanks to In Motion Imagery for booking me on this. Now what can we do about the guy in the striped shirt?

Beauty and Travel Essentials

OrvietolandscapeMy latest story for features products and ideas for making travel more comfortable and assuring you arrive at your destination looking as fresh and as you did at departure,,, almost. Read the story here.

Haircolor Icon Beth Minardi

Beth MinardiRecently I had the honor of working with Beth Minardi on a video project, introducing her new product line, Minardi Luxury Hair Care. Beth is an icon in the professional hair color industry. I’ve been watching her on stage since the beginning of my career, more years than I care to recall. She was a delight to work with, gracious and funny and a natural beauty. Thanks for trusting me Beth. Learn more about Beth Minardi here.

Sometimes You Just Have No Control

For these bridals  I did hair and makeup at my location in Dallas then, the bride flew to San Antonio where these photos were taken. I gave her a few tips on how to keep her makeup fresh and how to touch up for photos since I wasn’t going along for the ride. She kindly sent me these after the session with a note, “I think they turned out great.” 103-1I thought so too considering everything that had transpired between the time she left my place and arrived at the location in San Antonio.
Since photographs are forever I worry about all the details. I want perfection. The note and the photos told me the day had been in a success. Sometimes you have to let go.

Best Of Texas

Dale Watson 11-21I love it when a last minute call for work, turns out to be something fun. That’s what happened last Friday, when I was in the studio and found out the on camera talent was, Texas musician, Dale Watson.

It had been a long time since I’d seen Dale, and I was happy to be reintroduced to his classic, Texas, country music. My first thought when he walked in the studio was how cool he looked and it wasn’t going to be a difficult makeup job. I also discovered he is a really nice and gracious guy.

If you love country music and want to hear someone who is truly original yet “the real deal” Dale Watson and  his band are it. You can catch them most Monday nights in Austin at, The Continental Club. Or check the website for a town near you. Dale Watson Tour Dates

Camera Ready on DFW Closeup

Earlier this spring I was honored to be featured on a local news program, DFW Closeup demonstrating the techniques I teach in my “camera ready” makeup sessions. My model, the daughter of a station employee has beautiful skin but, needed some correction of darkness under her eyes. As I mentioned in my post “Makeup Lesson On Location” under-eye circles are the number one beauty trouble zone. I made up half of her face prior to the taping of the show then, demonstrated on camera some of the key concepts behind getting “camera ready.” In just five minutes you’ll see lots of great tips and information in this news segment. Contact me for your personal or group session to learn makeup techniques that will take you from the boardroom to the ballroom.

Classic is Forever


A simple but elegant chignon for the Marina film shoot;  perfect for a black tie event, wedding or, in this case a night of dinner, dancing, and gambling on a luxury vacation cruise. I really enjoyed the chance to create pretty and classic looks for the Marina film shoot. A bit of glamour mixed into daily life is just so civilized – even if it is staged. To see other hairstyles go here.

A Day In The Life

NUP_144858_0184This photo is from a recent shoot for the Golf Channel. David Feherty interviews PGA legend Lee Trevino. I’ve worked with a lot of professional golfers and, I have to say none of them really want to be fussed over. When they see me they pretend I’m not there. Lee Trevino was no exception. I can be pretty charming when I choose and, I did manage to talk him into letting me do a minimal male makeup and hair styling. I am often asked, “what do you do with men?” My answer is “as much as I can get away with.”  Seriously though, the most important element of any makeup – man or woman – is to make the skin look as even and healthy as possible. If I’d had my way with Lee Trevino I would have erased the circles under his eyes but, I think that would have really pushed his boundaries.

Getting Glam On The High Seas

As mentioned in an earlier post, I spent two weeks working with a production crew filming marketing materials for a luxury cruise line.  Production work normally requires minimal hairstyling, but for this job, I was asked to create very elegant and sophisticated hairstyles. This was challenging and gratifying  at the same time as, it forced me to use skills that are not often called on.  I was also blessed with a model who had absolutely gorgeous thick hair, with just enough natural wave to help me mold it into a beautiful up style. I am grateful to all the wonderful hairdressers I’ve had the pleasure to work and study with over the years especially Martin Parsons and Guy Kremer. for sharing their knowledge and helping me expand my repertoire.

Just Another Legend

Crew photo with NFL legend and ESPN host Ron “the jaws” Jaworski. Many thanks to photographer Ray Hand who does his magic and gets us all hired back. Can you guess which one is Ron Jaworski? 

Oceania Cruises – It’s Not The Destinations, It’s The Journey

I recently had the luck to land a two and half week job on board a luxury cruise ship. As part of the hair and makeup team I was asked to create glamorous hairstyles and makeup in keeping with the elegant interiors and upscale clientele of the new ship christened the Marina. Many of you may have seen the news coverage on Entertainment Tonight with Mary Hart, the godmother of the the Marina. This was my first time on a cruise ship and I have to say, I am ruined. Absolutely, spoiled. The ship was beyond luxurious and the crew was first class 24 hours a day. As soon as I complete my edit of 1000 plus photos I’ll be back and tell you the rest of the story.

Do you know this man?

I first met Terry Bradshaw on a photo shoot for Frito Lay products. This was about the time he switched to doing commentary for Fox with Howie Long. Terry is probably one of the most popular and recognized players in NFL history. Working on a show with Terry recently, I heard the crew commenting, “this guy has 4 Superbowl rings!” I’m not really a big sports fan but that’s pretty impressive. Over the years I’ve worked with Terry on various projects from the Frito Lay shoot to book covers and commercials. Fourteen year later I decided it was time to take the photo op.

Strolling Lungomare after my Camera Ready workshop

A beautiful Saturday along the beachfront promenade. I had just finished teaching my Camera-Ready workshop and was enjoying some time with my Nikon, when I came across this fun trio. Maybe a new bridal trend?

Camera Ready Every Day

Now is a great time to book your class or personal lesson. Are you a public speaker? Actor? media personality?
Or do you need an image upgrade to go along with your new resume and job? Knowing you look great can give you just the right amount of confidence to make a good impression. Call it a makeunder. You don’t want poorly applied makeup or dark circles under the eyes to become a distraction. Learn the techniques to look great every day. For more information you can email or check my website under makeup services.

Italian Style

I’m very excited to announce my new makeup workshop, Tips From the Makeup Room or Camera Ready Makeup and Hair. This workshop will be about 2 hours and will cover topics from when and how to use eyeliner to which products really get the job done.

But there’s more, this workshop is going to launch in Naples, Italy! and what could be more appropriate than a workshop about beauty in one of the most beautiful coastal areas anywhere in the world. Within 30 minutes you can be on the famous island of Capri or discovering the archaeological wonders of Pompeii. 

For more event information follow the constant contact link.  To register click here!

If Naples is not on your calendar this year ask me about a workshop in a town near you. Contact me via email: a presto!

Summer Beauty Aid

I don’t know about you, but I am making some major adjustments to my skin care regime this summer.

The heat and the humidity have made my dry skin more sensitive. In my search for a different product to soothe my irritated skin I found this lovely oil absorbing lotion from one of my favorite product lines, La Mer. While I don’t suffer from excess oil I thought my readers who do, would appreciate knowing about this product. You can use it under your sunscreen, makeup or any other skin care product. It’s also recommended for adult acne. It could be just the thing to re-balance your skin during these hot and humid summer months. Available on line or at specialty retailers.

Beauty and Brains

Had a great time working with NY Times bestselling author Sandra Brown again.
The shoot was for Hardcover Mysteries, author series.  Always gracious and professional, Sandra is a pleasure to work with. She loves makeup and the process of getting “glam” for the camera. Can’t get much better than that!
The first time I met Sandra she covered, Evidence of Love, a true murder mystery, Lizzie Borden style. Sandra’s new book, Smash Cut, will be out July 20, 2010. To read an excerpt click here.

Makeup Lesson On Location

While having an aperitivo at Café Farnese in Rome last night, enjoying the street musicians and the perfect weather, I started a conversation with three Italian women sitting at the table next to me. One of them asked what I was doing in Rome, was I on vacanza or working? I replied, “Both,” having been hired on to work a destination wedding. Of course one thing led to another and they asked what type of work I do. When they discovered that I am a professional makeup artist, the woman in the photo immediately began to ask questions and quickly took out her personal makeup kit and showed me everything she had. Lucky that I’d drunk most of my spritz before she sat down, I spontaneously gave her a mini lesson right then and there. The number one tip was how to cover the dark circles under the eyes, followed by how to properly apply mascara to create fuller, thicker lashes.

What you the reader can take from this . . . when in Rome always have your makeup bag with you. You’re likely to find me about 6:00PM sitting in some charming piazza absorbing the atmosphere and enjoying la dolce vita.
Back in Dallas you can call or email me for your private lesson on location.

Laura Leighton

I am often asked if I enjoy working with celebrities. When I relate that question to actress Laura Leighton the answer is definitely yes. Laura is a natural beauty known by most people as Sydney Andrews on Melrose Place. She will appear in flashback scenes in the new season. I felt incredibly lucky to work with Laura Leighton for the Melrose Place media tour in Dallas, last fall. There’s nothing better than having a beautiful face like Laura’s to work with, unless it’s a beautiful face without attitude…that’s Laura, voted by People magazine as one of 50 most beautiful people in the world and still relaxed and confident enough to allow a stranger to show up at her hotel room at 6:00 am for her hair and makeup session.
Laura honored me with her trust in me as a makeup artist and hairstylist, offering only minimal guidance regarding her preferences. To collaborate with a true professional is one of the true joys of my job. Perhaps the question should be asked “do you enjoy working with professionals?” The answer is “ Absolutely, yes!”

bride without veil

Tan for your wedding day? Think Again!

To Tan or Not Tan…

If you are naturally a bronzed goddess then perhaps this is not an issue for you. Yet you may want to continue reading just in case you’re considering that extra bronze glow for your wedding day.

Do you get your tan the natural way? or in a tanning booth? Have you opted for more health conscious options like spray on tans and bronzing makeup?

Temporary tanning requires planning. You’ll want it to be fresh for your wedding day. If you are using a tanning booth, PLEASE DO NOT OVERDUE IT. Photographers are using digital cameras now and too much red in your skin will stand out.!

Many brides who are naturally pale feel they should tan because the dress is pale or white. Should this be the case? Maybe, I would suggest you ask a professional, (makeup artist or photographer) opinion before you do it. The color of the dress, even white, can have warm or cool tones, which compliment your skin tone and will not make you look washed out. A tan gone wrong cannot be hidden the day of your wedding.

If you plan to take a beach trip or lay outside to tan, be conscious of tan lines. A good makeup artist can minimize them but the makeup may come off on the dress. Yes, the photos can be retouched in Photoshop but you can’t Photoshop the moment you walk down the aisle in your gorgeous dress, beautiful hair and flawless makeup and tan lines, which spoil the whole effect.)

Finally the color of the face, neck and ALL visible skin should match. If you meet with a makeup artist for a consultation prior to the wedding and you plan to be a different color on the wedding day you need to let them know.

As with all things related to “ the big day” a bit of advance planning will go a long way to a happy ending.
This originally appeared on

Weddings In The Eternal City

If you are reading this blog you know I love Roma! Turns out there are a lot of other people that do too. In fact they like it so much they decide to tie-the – knot there. Here’s a classic photo from Rochelle Cheever, a Rome, Italy based photographer. Bellisima!

And the winner is…

It’s official, Lash Blast has replaced Great Lash in my heart and in my makeup kit.
This mascara really gets the job done. Even my skimpy blonde lashes look longer, thicker and make my eyes pop. Since I switched to Lash Blast I’ve had more compliments on my eyes than ever before. Really.

Fall Fashion 2009

Here I am with A list stylist, Mariel Haeen at the Saks Fifth Ave. Fall 2009 Want it! Event.
A long but fun day with Mariel, stylist for Rhianna. I spiced up my look at the end of it with a sequin top by Nanette Lepore. Mariel helped me pick out the earrings from designer Deborah Gaspar. Mariel’s fashion recommendations for 2009 are rocker boots, a strong shoulder jacket, legging, mixed metals and fur. Fashion fun!

Melrose Place Press Tour

I am often asked if I enjoy working with celebrities. Or someone will ask, “who’s the most difficult person you’ve ever worked with?” I guess everyone wants a story but the truth is I’ve been very lucky to have worked with some really lovely people. Laura Leighton who will appear in flashback scenes on the new Melrose Place and Collin Egglesfield were no exception. When I asked for a photo for my portfolio they did not hesitate. No drama there. If you liked Melrose Place before, the new show won’t disappoint.
Locally Tuesdays on CW33.

Climate proof your skin

I love fall, bittersweet, pumpkins, changing trees, acorns falling, the cool, crisp air, it’s my favorite time of year. It’s also the most challenging time of year for my skin because I have genetically dry skin. Dry, crisp air means I have to try harder to lubricate my skin from the inside out, and so should you.

In this part of the world most people have combination skin or dry skin. However many people mistakenly believe their skin is oily. To that end, they do everything they can to dry up the imaginary, excess oil. This is totally wrong. Moisture is the best way to combat fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps create a healthy epidermis which protects our skin from disease and the elements.

Here are my tips for lubricating, aka moisturizing, your skin without creating breakout.
Most of them you’ve heard before. If you’ve heard it before think about it…it must work!
1. Drink plenty of clean, filtered water. 2. Get your essential fatty acids. 3. Avoid washing your face with soap and water. Use a lotion cleanser. 4. Apply a light hydrating lotion after cleansing. A few I like are Kinerase – Hydraboost, Kate Sommerville – Quench, Complex 15, an oil free lotion.

Your skin will thank you for it.

Correcting Summer Sun Damage

Long before I was a professional makeup artist I had a passionate and innate interest in skin care.
Thanks to my mother, I developed a regular skin care routine as a teenager.

When I began to study makeup artistry one of the most important things I learned was how to correct uneven skin tones and skin imperfections. One of the top 10 questions I’m asked is how to perfect the skin.

We now know that avoiding long term, direct sun especially without any SPF or other protection is one of the best ways to keep your skin smooth and damage free. For those of us who already have sun damage, and that’s most of us, please watch the next DFW Closeup. Reporter Vanessa Brown and I will talk about what causes sun damage and how to minimize it. I’ll have info on the latest and greatest products to help lighten, brighten and tighten your summer skin.

DFW Closeup – CW33
Sunday, September 13, 2009
7:00 am, CST

Please watch it here and feel free to post your comments.

Chris Botti

World class trumpeter and composer Chris Botti, in the makeup room at Channel 13. Chris made an appearance to help raise for funds for PBS and promote his upcoming concert in Dallas, April 2010.
His most recent studio album Italia, featuring songs with Andrea Boccelli, Dean Martin and Paula Cole will soon reach gold status.
How could I not like him? He’s talented, he’s handsome and he’s Italian! Thanks for the foto Chris.

Rome 2009

Rome is a visual feast. It’s ancient and it’s modern. And can anyone ever say enough about the famous Roman light? The city positively glows. It’s almost impossible to take a bad photo there.

Life is lived in the streets and piazzas and you never know what will happen. What great people watching! I love the faces of the Italian people. The skin! Those eyebrows! sharp, angular and strong. Anyone who knows me as a makeup artist knows weak brows are one of my pet peeves. The brows define the face. Whenever a makeup look changes significantly you will see the brows change. Think Greta Garbo, Betty Davis, Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Brooke Shields. What would they look like with different eyebrows? Can you imagine it?

What did I see in the streets…purple everywhere…loved the purple suede platforms. Did I say platforms? In every possible heel height and color. Beautiful Italian fabric in prints and florals, tunics, leggings(still?) dresses over everything, oversize belts, lots of bling, makes Dallas look plain; fishnet stockings, boots, ankle boots, motorcycle boots, gladiator sandals. And black – even in the heat the Italian girls look cool, hip and elegant in black. How do they do it?

Gigi Levangie Grazer

NY Times bestselling author Gigi Levangie Grazer at Barnes and Noble book signing, Dallas, Texas, June 2009. Gigi is a ball of fire, funny, intelligent, beautiful…thanks for providing me with such a perfect canvas Gigi. And thanks for the advice.

Roma la cita eterna

Ciao miei amici. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos uploaded yet but look for them soon. I am in Roma taking in the sights, surviving the heat and getting inspiration to share with you.
Stay tuned…

Southwest Airlines Commercials

The first three days of a seven day commercial shoot were completed in Dallas today. Working around these massive machines I’m still awed by the wonders of air travel. That something so huge can actually hang in the sky and take me to Roma or California or just about anyplace my heart desires. Wow! After 3 days in a row, up at 5:30 am, home at 9:00 pm I”m ready to fly away somwhere… I think this man can help me…

Flawless Skin is in fashion

Many of you know that I was treated for a basal cell carcinoma in February this year. If you didn’t know you can check out the news segment under the “reel” tab on my website. Then look under ” in front of the camera.” The segment, titled, Skin Cancer Takes Friends was really important to me. My experience taught me a lot and the main thing was this, most people have no idea what the signs of skin cancer are or an understanding of the cause or prevention. I talked about my experience in an effort to raise awareness and understanding.

I’ve also had the opportunity to try many new products that contain SPF, sun protection factors. I learned a lot about the ingredients in these products and how they work. Most sunscreens now contain a chemical block like oxybenzone and octocrylene. These work by absorbing the suns damaging rays. Avobenzone is a new ingredient that is very popular. However, it breaks down when exposed to sunlight so you must constantly reapply.
Then there are mineral blocks like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These actually block the suns rays, in other words, they do not allow the sun to penetrate the skin at all. They do not break down in sunlight. Zinc has gotten a bad rap because it’s white and everyone thinks, ” lifeguard.” But newer formulations are micronized and blend much better on the skin so you don’t have that white face look.
A combination of the chemical and the block to me seems the best way to go.
Natures Gate and Origins both make products that fit this category.

La Roche-Posay has come out with a new product which contains anthelios. I tried this product when I was in Rome where the sun is brutal in the summer, much like Texas.
This product is far superior to anything I’ve tried so far when it comes to blocking the sun and it stays put, even when sweating and wearing hats. My scar is on my forehead so it was challenging to keep my head covered 100% of the time. With this sunscreen I was able to protect my skin and keep my scar from hyperpigmenting.
In the USA the strongest you can get is 40. Many dermatologists are now carrying it and you can also purchase it on line. In Dallas, you can get it thru Park Cities Dermatology.

Brooke Shields

I got to work with Brooke Shields last fall. She made an appearance in Dallas as part of the Brinker Lecture Series which raises money for The Dallas Center for Performing Arts. No pressure putting makeup on an ex-model and face that is recognized worldwide. A face that I grew up with from childhood. Brooke is still just as beautiful today and one of the few women I have seen who looks equally good in person or in front of the camera. And she’s a sweetheart. Basically she just said keep in light and fresh and let me do my thing. Only the real pros do that. Thank you Brooke. And thank you Gary Cogill for asking for makeup.

Barbara Corcoran

Yesterday I went to the Hyatt Reunion to do makeup for real estate wizard Barbara Corcoran. I have to say the NY Times said it exactly right, “Her manner is frank and energetic, but for all her drive,she has no airs.” That was my experience of Barbara Corcoran. How can you not like a woman who writes a book titled, If You Don’t Have Big Breasts Put Ribbons On Your Pigtails? I hope I will cross paths with her again. Working with people like Barbara is one of the reasons I love my job.


I love working at KERA. You never know who you will meet. Today Krys Boyd the host of THINK interviewed Fareed Zakaria, editor of Newsweek International, CNN Host and author of
“The Post American World.” Great show, great topic and lovely guest. I wish I’d known more about him in advance,,, I would have grilled him more about this book! You can watch the clip at:

Susan Martin Wedding 4/4/2009

These photos are from my first referral listing in Paper City’s Little Blue Book for Brides, 2009. I love these production photos taken by F8 Studio at the Melrose Hotel, April 4, 2009.

Marta’s Bridal

Believe it or not I’ve worked with many brides the day of their wedding and I’ve never laid eyes on them before. Never done their makeup or hair, ie. no consultation or trial run. Marta was one of these brides. She looked at my website, we exchanged a couple of emails and booked the date.

She came to me with a clean face and some magazine tears with ideas how she would like to wear her hair and makeup. An hour and half later, I give her the mirror for final approval and she says, ” Perfect!” She emailed me this image by

Brianna Nickels bridal portrait

Brianna was great to work with. She told me she wanted to be airbrushed and that she loved makeup – so “don’t hold back!” The color composition of this photo by Jenny Martell is just beautiful. A successful collaboration.

Creating a Beautiful Bridal

This portrait was done as a test for my portfolio. Photo by Laura Bierner Photography; dress, shoes and hair ornaments provided by Blush Bridal Couture and photographed at Scott Hagar’s studio; styled by Patricia Zello; Model is Susy Rivas; Makeup and Hair by Penny Sadler.

DFW Closeup with host Shana Franklin

Celebrity Makeup Artist Penny Sadler

DFW Closeup with host Shana Franklin

Airs Sunday, January 18, 2009
KDAF – CW33, 7:00 am, CST

Winterize your beauty routine with products that moisturize and hydrate from the inside out. Get tips on products and ingredients that work from your local drug store, or beauty counter from expert Penny Sadler.

Are We In Kansas?

Are We In Kansas?

Speed HDTV

NASCAR – Dickies 500 NCTS
7:30 pm CST
Texas Motor Speedway

Not your usual broadcast makeup – Penny Sadler was asked to create the faces of the characters from the classic film, The Wizard of Oz for the NCTS pre race show on Halloween night. Speed TV’s Phil Parsons, Rick Allen and NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip appear as the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion. Sadler was excited about the opportunity to work for Speed HD and use other skills of her craft. Definitely a treat!

Is Green The Color Of Beauty?

Texas Discovery Gardens hosted their first Organic Fashion Show with organic and recycled fashions and home living products from local retailers, a silent auction, music and a fashion show produced by Rhonda Sargaent Chambers of RSC Show Productions. The models natural beauty was enhanced with bronzer and glossy nude lips applied by celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert Penny Sadler. Stay tuned for more on organic beauty products as major cosmetic manufacturers warm up to the green trend. Sadler is known for her knowledge and expertise on the latest trends in cosmetics and skin care.

Discount Diva – with Victoria Snee

Celebrity Makeup Artist Penny Sadler: Discount Diva – with Victoria Snee

Airs on April 30, 2008
CW33 News at 9:00 pm

Get the scoop on which products will fill in lines, fill out lips and melt away fat, mimicking expensive injectables like Botox and Restylane.

Paper City

Paper City’s The Bride’s Little Blue Book recommends Penny Sadler, for makeup. See page 42.

Association of Image Consultants International presents celebrity makeup artist Penny Sadler

For Immediate Release

Sadler will teach the essentials of becoming a makeup artist, what you must have in your kit, how pick colors and more. If you are currently an image consultant, makeup artist, want to become a makeup artist, or just want some new tips and tricks in your bag please plan to attend. Please rsvp to Shelbi Elfert, 817-924- 8300 today. For more information click here.

Monday, November 12, 2007

11:30 am – 4:00 pm
Nordstrom Galleria
5220 Alpha Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75240

Pepsi Co. annual bottlers convention

The Pepsi Co. annual bottlers convention held in Dallas, Texas September 2007 was a who’s who of celebrity personalities and Hall of Fame athletes. The Makeup Room was high energy but the buzz wasn’t from quaffing Mountain Dew. Oscar Winner Forest Whitaker, Daytona 500 winner and NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr., who announced Wednesday his new sponsor and car number, comedian Darrell Hammond of Saturday Night Live, Hall of Famer Franco Harris, our favorite game show host, Bob Barker, Olympic Gold Medal winner Jim Craig, Dallas’ favorite dancing athlete, Emmitt Smith and Roger Craig with an arms length list of NFL records created the buzz in the makeup room. Celebrity makeup artist Penny Sadler was on call and what a suprise! Sadler said she was expecting the usual corporate execs and had no idea of the high profile talent on hand for the event. You never know who was going to sit in your chair. Jockeying for position in the makeup room was almost as intense as a pro game as one all star after another sat for their “powder and anti – shine.”

Do Makeup and Murder go together?

The answer is yes when makeup artist Penny Sadler was on the set of Court TV’s series, Murder By The Book. For this episode filmed in Arlington, Texas, Sadler glammed up best selling author Sandra Brown, who has made the New York Times best seller list 55 times. Sadler said, “Working with Sandra and a fantastic crew for 2 days was such a great experience. Sandra has a winning combination of beauty, charm, and brains. I always consider myself lucky when these opportunities appear.” The episode with Mrs. Brown and based on the book, Evidence of Love, will appear on Court TV in November.


Wednesday, May 16th 2007
CW33 – KDAF Dallas, News At Nine
Discount Diva
9:00 – 10:00 pm

Beauty Expert Penny Sadler with reporter Victoria Snee give the scoop on how to stay sleek and bronzed this summer with beauty products found in your local drugstore for a fraction of the department store cost. From creme to powder bronzers, cellulite reducing lotions and streak free self tanners all your summer beauty needs are covered.

Crescent Court, Dallas, Texas

Some of Discovery Networks’ top talent stopped over in Dallas for an event at The Crescent Hotel April 12th. Penny Sadler was on hand with her airbrush, Nars palette and Prive grooming crème to get everyone camera ready. Kirsten Kemp of Property Ladder, who is pretty enough without makeup, was part of the A-list talent as well as Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern, and Philippe Cousteau, correspondent for Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet and grandson of Jacques Cousteau. Sadler said she was pleased to work with such a talented and interesting group. And like most events, you only have the talent in your makeup chair for about 5 – 10 minutes — max! Good thing everyone starts out looking pretty great!

Beauty in High Definition

Tuesday, April 3, 2007
WFAA Channel 8 – Victory Park
Good Morning Texas
9:00 – 10:00 am

Makeup artist and beauty expert Penny Sadler will appear on Good Morning Texas to explain the differences between television as we’ve known it and the technology of today, high definition or HDTV. Sadler will also discuss products and tips for looking good in a “hi -def world.”Sadler recently completed 6 episodes of Property Virgins, a new show for HGTV; filmed entirely in high definition.

Big Easy

January 19 – 23, 2007

Penny Sadler last seen in the Big Easy, that’s New Orleans, Louisiana, working with Meeting Professionals International. In spite of a 5:00 am crew call she found time to visit the French Quarter and dine in some of the famous local restaurants.

Property Virgins

Filming of Property Virgins, a new show for HGTV began on January 26, 2007. The show will feature Sandra Rinamato a real estate expert, helping first time buyers to purchase their dream home. It will air in the U.S. and Canada later this year. Penny Sadler is key makeup and hair for Ms. Rinamato. Sadler a veteran in the world of television and film production has worked on many high profile television, political, sports, fashion, and other celebrity personalities such as Sheree Wilson, Dan Rather, country music star Pat Green, designer Eileen West and American Idol, Kelly Clarkson.

“Splurge or Steal”

Beauty expert Penny Sadler appears on WB33 with reporter Victoria Snee.
The segment titled ” Splurge or Steal ” will air during the 9pm newscast on Tuesday, December 20th, 2005.

Get the latest information on what to “Steal” at the drugstore and what to “Splurge” on at the department store. Professional makeup artist Penny Sadler has personally tried many of these products. Find out which drugstore line is owned by a larger department store company and many other inside tips.

“Makeover Day!”

Alpha Mu Tau is hosting a “Makeover Day!” Image expert and celebrity makeup artist Penny Sadler will speak with Collin County students on appropriate business wardrobe, hair styles and grooming.

When: November 10th, 2005

What time: 5:30 PM

Where: Collin County Community College at Spring Creek Campus Conference Center ( will send map)

50 students attending

Pat Green video in Texas

Pat Green shoot

This was taken on the set of the music video for “Baby Doll.” We were at the Coupland Dance Hall just east of Austin. Fun, but LONG night. Never could get into Red Bull w/vodka. Just sounds like a really bad hangover to me.

Makeup Artist With 20 Years in Film Biz Leads Workshop at FGI of Dallas Career Day

Friday April 8, 2005
8:00 am – 4:30 pm
2300 Stemmons Freeway (formerly International Apparel Mart)
Adjacent to the Dallas World Trade Center – Dallas, Texas

Makeup artist and hairstylist Penny Sadler will give students the inside scoop on working with celebrities and models in film, television and events at FGI of Dallas Career Day 2005, this Friday, April 8. Sadler will be leading a workshop on career possibilities in the exploding beauty industry, offering first-hand experience, what diverse career options are available, and advice for getting in the door.

Sadler, who has worked with Sheree Wilson of Walker, Texas Ranger, Troy Aikman, Kelly Clarkson, Elizabeth Pena, Dan Rather and on hundreds of commercials, has 20 years in the beauty business as a professional salon stylist.

Sadler says “Knowledge empowers us to make good choices.” To book an appointment or for more information visit:

For more information on FGI of Dallas Career Day 2005, visit: