• television personalities after makeup application

    How much makeup is enough?

    Camera-ready with KERA

    Annie Galloway, Major Gifts Manager at KERA, graciously allowed me to document the process of getting her camera-ready for live Pledge tapes. I’m sharing the products and steps and hope you’ll find something useful here. Leave a comment if you like it and subscribe.

    Note that these days most people wear a lot more makeup on television. This look is not what most people expect for television. It’s a very minimalist look because it’s the look the client wants. It’s not a makeover, it’s a make better. Camera ready. Not everyone needs to look like KK.


    Before applying television makeup


    Every makeup begins with basic skincare. For television makeup I use something simple and hypoallergenic like Cerve followed by a light under-eye moisturizer. Cerve is also ok under the eyes. But if you need a bit of depuffing Clinique eye gel works well, too.

    After I completed the eye makeup I did the foundation, concealer, contour, and cheek color. The next thing I did was clean up underneath the eye, applying concealer liner and mascara if I used it there. I don’t always.

    As I’m working through these steps I’m always assessing if the overall look is balanced. And I used powder to set the various layers of makeup. For Annie’s makeup, I used a powder foundation, not a liquid so I didn’t need to add more powder. However, I did use a blending brush to well, blend, so that it didn’t look like a lot of powder sitting on top of her skin. Since Annie’s skin tends to be oily, this worked well, and didn’t need to do a lot of touchups throughout the day.


    Camera ready television makeup

    Notice how the overhead light is throwing slight shadows under her eyes but in the final image when she’s on camera you don’t see that.


    The last thing I did was the lip color. Since Annie likes a more natural look I usually don’t use a pencil to line the lips, I used my lip brush dipped into the lip color to line the lips as I color them. Lip color generally needs a lot of touchup when applied like this but I felt it was a good choice for Annie.



    Thanks to everyone at KERA for the great shoot.