Makeup Consultation

Why Makeup Matters

MAKEOVERS – This service is ideal for people in the media– broadcast journalists, anchors, CEOs,  job seekers, women returning to work, college grads entering the workforce, or anyone who wants to make a great first impression. A flattering hairstyle and makeup application show that you care about yourself.  You will feel more confident and project a more powerful and successful image.

Makeovers usually include a makeup lesson, haircut with a styling lesson, and hair color consultation. I prefer to call it a “makeunder.”

Maybe you think you need a radical change? If so, consider this, the most basic and minimal change can have an impact. For example,  if you have an uneven skin tone and you learn how to correct that with proper makeup, that’s a huge, though subtle change.

MEN – I have worked with many male CEOs and high profile personalities on photo shoots, commercials, and news broadcasts; and yes, they wear makeup. A few names you may recognize: Darrell Hammond, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Franco Harris, Rob Allan, Juan Hernandez, Lanny Wadkins, Dan Rather, Mike Wilbon, Stephen Tobolowski, Ned Beatty, Leif Garrett, George Foreman, Howie Long, George W. Bush, Anderson Cooper, Fareed Zakaria, Chris Botti.

Makeup grooming for men

PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP APPLICATION – If you just want me to show up and make you look great, I can do that! Whether it’s for a new headshot for your Linked In profile, a special anniversary, date, wedding, engagement, family photo, or job interview, I know how to apply just the right amount of makeup.

I’m also available for media events or live broadcast, any time you want the extra confidence that having your makeup applied by a professional can give you. I specialize in natural, wearable makeup,  that maximizes your best features and personality.

AIRBRUSH MAKEUP – Airbrush makeup creates an almost poreless finish by applying makeup in a pattern, much like a pointillist painting or pixels on a computer screen. It is usually a water-based formula and can be longer wearing than a traditional makeup application. It is ideal for providing maximum coverage without a cakey or heavy look, as less powder is needed to hold the product in place. Great for covering blemishes, acne, and uneven skin tones.

MAKEUP LESSONS/CONSULTATIONS – A one-on-one instruction by appointment. A typical lesson last about 1 to 2 hours. This service will cover application techniques, color selection based on your eye, skin and hair color and product selection. You will learn how to use the products what products work best with your skin type. I recommend you bring your own makeup and brushes. You will be given a list of recommended products and your personal chart. I can order or purchase products for your convenience.

Please be prepared to buy some professional brushes if you do not already own them. The proper brush does make a difference in the end result. Professional and reasonably priced brushes are available for purchase.

A skin care consultation is included in the makeup lesson. I believe your makeup will only look as good as the skin it is being applied to. I prefer a natural approach where a minimal amount of makeup is required to achieve a flawless finish.

Group sessions are also available with a minimum of 4 persons per group but not more than 8.


“Penny tailors her lessons to the individual, and I mean that in every way. She gets an idea of your experience level, how much time you’re willing to spend on your make-up, and determines what will work best with your lifestyle. She analyzes your facial features, skin type and bone structure in order to determine the best products for your face and skin. After a session with Penny, it took a mere day or two of simple changes to my daily routine to feel and see a major difference in my skin.”

“She makes sure you understand how to apply her techniques before you leave; by the end of the session, I had made up half of my face. One trick she taught me that I love is how to use blush to give my whole face more color and a more balanced look. What I had thought of as simple blush turned out to be the best thing ever!”

“Penny showed me how to work with my products and brushes more effectively. What once was, to me, a cakey foundation suddenly felt as light as air; what I thought of as a throw-away eye shadow became my must-have. Her tips and tricks have allowed me to apply less make-up for a better result, saving me time and money.”

“I’d recommend Penny to anyone, everyone. I guarantee you will look at your makeup bag in a completely new way. She has beautiful skin to prove her techniques really do work!”

Learn more about camera-ready makeup here:

  • Penny….penny for your thoughts…..I had the most amazing experience with you on our Strictly Weddings Video Shoot. You were wonderful to work with….you listened and understood what I am used to, as I am not a big make-up person….but had a special way of convincing me that more is better for video. I recently had an opportunity to view a video that was shot without professional make-up…it is the difference between night & day (with you). I respect your talent, professionalism and your calm demeanor. I loved the end result, especially the long lush eye lashes. I will always refer you, my dear. Thank you for partnering with us on this more than perfect day!

    Meredith StrodeAssociate Director, Nasher Sculpture Center
  • Awesome! Grace looked beautiful – and her hair stayed curly for a loooonnnggg time – longer than we have ever seen it stay! And, we loved her make-up – everyone did!

    The Pritchards
  • Hi there! It was great to work with you on the job this week. You did an amazing job. I got home and took a closer look…and LOVE how you did my eyes—especially my eyelashes! I wish I could do that every day. Hope to work with you again soon…

    Elise BaughmanActor
  • Dallas Observer recognized Penny Sadler among one of the top, most creative makeup artists in DFW, January 15, 2020.

    “This celebrity makeup artist has over 20 years of experience and when she’s not jetting off to a high-profile job, she’s in the Dallas area getting her clients camera ready for any occasion. Her past clients include Brooke Shields, Kelly Clarkson, President George W. Bush, and Anderson Cooper. You might’ve heard of them.”

    article by Isabele Arcellana

  • In the beauty and fashion business, few stand apart. Penny Sadler has established her art of painting faces with her ability of perfection. She is knowledgeable about her products, in style with the latest trends for cosmetics and hair techniques; while successfully creating a career that most would envy. In my business, feeling confident and beautiful is crucial. Penny Sadler not only makes me look my best, but she instills calmness and serenity while performing her art of decorating one’s face!

    Rhonda Sargent ChambersRSC Show Productions, LLC
  • I was realizing the other day how often I think of people who are connected to objects I handle daily. With you, it’s my foundation brush because I never would have gotten one if you hadn’t told me to. There must be countless people who think of you kindly every day as they’re putting on their makeup. It’s a nice kind of work to do.

    Robin UnderdahlAuthor