• In the beauty and fashion business, few stand apart. Penny Sadler has established her art of painting faces with her ability of perfection. She is knowledgeable about her products, in style with the latest trends for cosmetics and hair techniques; while successfully creating a career that most would envy. In my business, feeling confident and beautiful is crucial. Penny Sadler not only makes me look my best, but she instills calmness and serenity while performing her art of decorating one’s face!

    Rhonda Sargent ChambersRSC Show Productions, LLC
  • I was realizing the other day how often I think of people who are connected to objects I handle daily. With you, it’s my foundation brush because I never would have gotten one if you hadn’t told me to. There must be countless people who think of you kindly every day as they’re putting on their makeup. It’s a nice kind of work to do.

    Robin UnderdahlAuthor
  • Hi there! It was great to work with you on the Superpages.com job this week. You did an amazing job. I got home and took a closer look…and LOVE how you did my eyes—especially my eyelashes! I wish I could do that every day. Hope to work with you again soon…

    Elise BaughmanActor
  • “you knew exactly how Natalie wanted to look for her wedding day.”



    Leslie VickMother of the Bride
  • Penny….penny for your thoughts…..I had the most amazing experience with you on our Strictly Weddings Video Shoot. You were wonderful to work with….you listened and understood what I am used to, as I am not a big make-up person….but had a special way of convincing me that more is better for video. I recently had an opportunity to view a video that was shot without professional make-up…it is the difference between night & day (with you). I respect your talent, professionalism and your calm demeanor. I loved the end result, especially the long lush eye lashes. I will always refer you, my dear. Thank you for partnering with us on this more than perfect day!

    Meredith StrodeAssociate Director, Nasher Sculpture Center
  • Dallas Observer recognized Penny Sadler among one of the top, most creative makeup artists in DFW, January 15, 2020.

    “This celebrity makeup artist has over 20 years of experience and when she’s not jetting off to a high-profile job, she’s in the Dallas area getting her clients camera ready for any occasion. Her past clients include Brooke Shields, Kelly Clarkson, President George W. Bush, and Anderson Cooper. You might’ve heard of them.”

    article by Isabele Arcellana

  • Awesome! Grace looked beautiful – and her hair stayed curly for a loooonnnggg time – longer than we have ever seen it stay! And, we loved her make-up – everyone did!

    The Pritchards