DFW Closeup with host Shana Franklin

DFW Closeup with host Shana Franklin
January 15, 2009 Penny Sadler

Celebrity Makeup Artist Penny Sadler

DFW Closeup with host Shana Franklin

Airs Sunday, January 18, 2009
KDAF – CW33, 7:00 am, CST

Winterize your beauty routine with products that moisturize and hydrate from the inside out. Get tips on products and ingredients that work from your local drug store, or beauty counter from expert Penny Sadler.

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  1. Penny Sadler 15 years ago

    Even in the summer the sun, and central air conditioning can leave your skin dehydrated. Perspiration cools the body and skin but it is a form of moisture loss, so don’t stop moisturizing just because your skin no longer feels as dry as it did in the winter.

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